Winnie's World

By Alexandra Groff

Welcome to the Winnie's World website.

If your already a fan of the comic then this is the site for you. If you have never heard of little Winnie, then you're free to look into the "Comics page". This is my second year to have this comic in my school paper thing at school. Oh and there are some new pictures and comics. So enjoy :)

I apologize for not updating this website as often as I should. My computer has been really weird about it. But anyway, I put the following months up: October, November, December and January (same), and February. I also updated the "Doodles" pages. I left some of my older drawing up there, so you'll find more recent ones on the second page.  Also, you will find a new button in the side. There are some pictures of the real dog!

Here's a little about Winnie:

Winnie is my real dog that just happens to be mine. I found the breeder on the internet, helped choose a dog, and name her! The name the breeders gave her to tell her apart was originally Dakota and we didn't really like that name ("Dakota's World". . . I don't think so). Plus we had two dogs in the past named Abigail and Winthrop, and a guinea pig named Abby. So Winnie just kind of fit.

So over time, we (me and my parents) noticed that Winnie developed and extraordinary personality that we thought was funny. She is currently three years old (or 21 in human years. . . she's older than me!!)

Thank you for visiting my website! ;)

If you wish to contact me, my email is